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Friday, May 24, 2019
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A truly Indie Book Festival that spot lights and supports Texas Authors and the great works they create.  A two day event, that also supports the arts, music and education system.

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LSBF was conceived by founder B Alan Bourgeois as a way to bring attention to the general public the estimated 8,400 published Texas authors and their works.  Award winning authors, and new authors waiting to be discovered will attend this event.  LSBF is designed to travel around the State of Texas to a major city each year.  LSBF is currently scheduled to be in Houston in 2018.


Lone Star Book Festival is produced by DEAR Texas, Inc.

Drop Everything And Read (DEAR) Texas is a non-profit organization that supports Texas authors through a variety of programs including book festivals, reading programs, author programs and our annual event held one weekend in April.

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A Uniquely Indie Book Festival for Texas Authors

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